Medical Summary Reports

My most popular service. It is a final report that speaks to causation and includes a comprehensive review of all medical documentation, review of pertinent current medical research, and an estimation of future medical expenses. Designed to be most useful in creating settlement demand letters.

Independent Record Review / Interpretation of Meaning

Interpretation of meaning – or lack thereof – in medical reports and records. This can be done as an a la carte service, but is also frequently done as part of the MSR reporting.

Answers to Specific Medical Questions

Answers to medical questions in specific cases with support from the current medical literature. If you only need help in one specific area, this may be for you. Specific medical questions can be thoroughly researched and answered in with formal documentation from a physician regarding relation – if any – the the injury in question.

Determination of Future Medical Care and Costs

Reasonable estimation of future medical care expenses. Also included as a typical part of the MSR, however, can be done a la carte if you so choose. I can review the needs for future medical care and make estimations of future medical expenses.

Medical Research and Delivery of Journal Articles

Comprehensive review of the current and pertinent medical literature with citations provided. Another service that is typically provided as part of the MSR, however, on occasion you may need help only identifying certain articles or certain types of articles that speak about certain injuries or injury patterns.

Liaison to Treating Doctors

I can act as a liaison between the attorney and the treating physician and specialists. During the normal course of review and reporting, I have found that treating physicians are much more amicable and see your physician consultant as a peer more quickly than if an attorney contacts them.

Assessment of Causation

Review of records and description of causation or lack thereof. An integral part of the MSR. As a physician I can help fill in gaps – if any – in the documentation of injuries and treatments. Not all treating physicians document with respect to causation and I can help bridge that gap so that settlement demands can be done with less back and forth – usually resulting in higher value and less attorney time.

Referral to Appropriate Medical Experts

Referrals to appropriate Expert Witnesses may be provided when necessary. Although I am not an Expert Witness, I can – if needed – provide a list of possible candidates depending on the type of case. I have an extensive network of physicians in all specialties and will help you connect with a physician when and if needed.

Help Developing Medical Theories

Development of appropriate and reasonable theories. Another integral part of the MSR, but on rare occasion has been done a la carte. Theories of causation, supporting research, statements of causation, and future medical expenses are all valuable pieces of the MSR, however, on rare occasion you may only need help with development of the theory.

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