If your question is not answered in this FAQ, please don’t hesitate to email me your question. I’m always happy to answer!

How does an MD consultant help my practice?

I review all client records, review pertinent medical research, speak with the client directly, act as a liaison to the treating physician, and write a thorough, concise report which includes statements of causation and estimations of future medical expenses. This has, in my experience, drastically reduced attorney time, increased case values, and without breaking the bank! Check out the Newsletter dealing with some of these issues.

How complicated does my case have to be?

Some attorneys submit cases that they find difficult for any reason… others submit every single case they take. In my experience, getting an MD consultant involved early in the case can greatly reduce attorney time and increase the level of care that the client receives — especially down the road. There is never a “bad time” to get me involved! Click here to read the Newsletter dealing with this answer.

Do you do expert witness work?

No. All of my services are provided and intended solely for pre-trial, pre-litigation purposes. If you need help finding an expert witness, I may be able to connect you with an appropriate candidate as I have contacts in numerous states and in various specialties.

What is the cost of an MD consultation?

My fees are flat/hourly and are not tied to case value. Currently, my hourly fee is $250.00 — far less than those of expert witnesses! Cases typically take between 3 and 8 billable hours to complete, depending on the level of complexity and the stage at which you get me involved.

How is billing completed?

Simply. I send an electronic itemized invoice with the final report once the work on the case has been completed. The invoice is due within 30 days. You can even pay the invoice online!